"My life’s road has been paved with good intentions. 
My journey has been a scale of both hurt and healing. The visible and invisible scars of abuse have skillfully molded me into something that I couldn’t have imagined. In my adult life, I have grown to learn and practice many lessons that have helped me on this continued journey. The lessons of hurt people hurt people, I am more than I think I am, happiness is not to be obtained it should be sustained, and trust life, have all allowed me to discover the very essence of freedom. This world has many demands and expectations that I have grown to reject and unlearn. Those demands and expectations lead me to believe I was unworthy and unloved. Those beliefs left me broken. I spent most of my years picking up the shattered pieces of my heart mending them with both tears of healing and the glue of forgiveness. The scars of my past have been the very blueprint for my future. I will never forget what I have been through which is why it is very important that I feel each moment, deal with each obstacle, and heal each wound as it is vital to the continuation of my life. My legacy isn’t the things I’ve done but it is truly all the things I am. I no longer speak to be seen.

I plan to live fully and boldly with no option but to be heard."

Nathan Williamson