Nathaniel Gray


Owner and principal photographer of the Santa Barbra Project. Mr. Gray's life is dedicated to mastering the craft of portrait photography and helping others find their powerful voice. "I hold the gift of creating the Santa Barbara Project very close to my heart. It is the greatest happiness in my life. I am faithfully married to my work." 
Nathaniel has been working on the production of the Project for over a year and a half. Photographing and interviewing hundreds of people in the process.

 A proud board member to a few local non-profits, Mr. Grays time is spent in the assistance of others and serving our community. With strong beliefs in equality and kindness, Nathaniel is set on making lasting changes here in Santa Barbara and on a National level. 
"I'm a firm believer in kindness, respect, and love. I understand that we are all connected in many forms. This was shown to me by interviewing hundreds of people... many in their darkest moments of life. It is truly remarkable what you can learn when you just listen to others."

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