Inside this captivating eBook, you will find raw, visceral black and white portraits that have been photographed by Nathaniel Gray, alongside each individual’s powerful story written through their own words. Santa Barbara Project contains one hundred eighty-one unflinching stories and photographs that will inspire you, and touch you to your core.  

Ever since Nathaniel Gray started the Santa Barbara Project, his main goal has been to create a series of books that would inspire others to make a difference. To invoke this change, the Santa Barbara Project needs to be in as many hands as possible. In order to attain his goal of reaching everyone in our community, Nathaniel has decided to release an eBook.

The price of the eBook is $20.00, with 50% of the proceeds given back to select nonprofits that participated in the Santa Barbara Project. 

  • For best results open and read on an Apple device. The eBook will not open on Android phones or Kindle and may have formatting issues on PCs.

  • Once purchased, you will receive a link via email to download to your device. Please download your file within 24-hours of your first access or it will expire.

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